Pro Bono Logo

Giving the gift of communication.

“Pro Bono” is a new outreach program to perform work for public and non-profit institutions. The inspiration for the program came from the team’s desire to provide creative communication for public and charitable institutions, and create a better relationship with our surrounding community.

ACG is excited to offer our social media services to a limited number of organizations that participate in the program. ACG will be providing its services in the form of social media workshops and campaigns. ACG recognizes that many public and non-profit groups lack the knowledge and resources to modernize their communications, and ACG wants to help those groups for public benefit. Participating groups will not be charged for the services provided by ACG for each workshop and campaign.

Workshops will be beneficial for larger public organizations who already have an experienced communications division, but do not have the basic knowledge to create and execute proper social media communication. Each workshop will discuss exisitng practices in social media, and ACG team members will work hands-on with workshop audiences to help craft a new strategy for their organization. ACG will be donating up to three workshop days per participating organization.

Campaigns will benefit those organizations who lack a developed communications division and need extra help with social media design. ACG will be donating up to 150 hours of its services per organization to help create proper social media profiles on the web and create a social media communication strategy for each organization.

Contact ACG to learn more about Pro Bono. Interested groups can visit to learn more about our agency or can call Gagan Singh, Research Director, at 604-630-2111 x788 to get started.